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Case Studies

Trova Ricetta


Trovaricetta is an aggregator of Italian cuisine recipes. Trovaricetta has collected over 100.000 recipes from over 300 food bloggers. By sharing recipes with Trovaricetta, bloggers gain an additional audience for their websites.

Reason for success:

HBAgency has acquired the Trovaricetta website and continues to improve the overall results.


A few words from the publisher:

"Hi! I’m Shristi Patni, Founder of F and B Recipes. F and B Recipes is all about celebrating good, sustainable and wholesome food that nourishes your body and delights your senses! We hope the articles inspire you toward leading a well-rounded, healthy, and spiritual life!"

Reason for success:

"Working with HBAgency has been like a dream because they're extremely helpful and supportive and have better payouts."

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